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MARX. We include progress.

Extrusion technology

Since the sixtees the company Marx GmbH & Co KG, Iserlohn have been engaged amongst other things in bringing billet containers to temperature. The development began then with tests on external heaters and internal induction heaters, which have today to a large extent been replaced by modern resistance heaters.

In addition to the development of improved steel qualities and the geometric design of containers, improved heating and cooling are essential tools for modern extrusion technology.  The coordination of these service providers is critical to production and quality just as these components influence the life of the containers as press tools.

The modern billet container heaters can be heated in different areas thanks to an intelligent and differential value regulating control. Additionally, in many cases a sectional cooling is introduced into the billet containers, which is also regulated by the software control, with the aim of achieving a controlled and constant temperature behaviour, to support isothermal extrusion.

The development of Smart Container™ Technology has reached the high level that allows to heat up every container from 500 kg to 100 mto by segmented heatzones with about 40 °C per hour and uses heating elements with static max. surface temperatures (max. 750 °C) and lifetimes of 3-8 years.

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Smart ContainerTM

Heating systems for containers Heating zones: 1 - 8 Segmented cooling zones

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Heat Up

Control system for Smart ContainersTM



High Power Cartridges (HPC), Special-components for supply, insulation and temperature recording


Preheating stations

Preheating stations (heated/unheated), Heating ovens to heat single dies (Tool Station), Heating ovens to heat several dies

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Reparation and service installations for Induction- and resistance heating systems