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MARX. We include progress.

Gear technology


Our gearboxes of the MX series are characterized by an extremely robust design. Certified by Germanischer Lloyd, they offer maximum security.
All gearboxes are equipped with an automatically effective brake that works in both tilt directions and firmly holds the ladle in any desired tilt angle, thus ensuring the necessary self-locking.

Data sheet planetary gears



Shaft drive


Output Torque

for ladles of up to


Splined shaft

N60 x 2 x 28 x 9 H

I = 52

750 Nm

2,0 t content


Splined shaft

N80 x 3 x 30 x 25 x 9 H

I = 51

2.400 Nm

5,0 t content


Splined shaft

N110 x 3 x 30 x 35 x 9 H

I = 149

10.400 Nm

12,0t content


Splined shaft

N140 x 4 x 30 x 34 x 9 H

I = 221

20.000 Nm

25,0t content


Splined shaft

N180 x 4 x 30 x 44 x 8 H

I = 625

60.000 Nm

50,0 t content


 Maßblatt MX-1.jpg



Maßblatt MX-2.jpg



Maßblatt MX-3.jpg



Maßblatt MX-4.jpg



Maßblatt MX-5 600x440.jpg


 MXAnztr 600x366.jpg

MX-5 with pneumatic drive


Advantages of the MX-5 gearbox

Our newly developed MX-5 gearbox can be used on ladles with a capacity up to 55.1 tn without mounting a shift gearbox. Only above this capacity is a shift gearbox required.
This market innovation has several advantages:

  • Fast and easy mounting
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fewer wear parts
  • Easy access to the hand wheel at the height of the rotation axis
  • Fast availability of spare parts
  • Weight reduction
  • Up to 30% cost savings


Pneumatic drive

The new gearbox series on a modular basis, allow in the case of the gearboxes MX-3 to MX-5, a quick and easy upgrade of a pneumatic tilt drive instead of the hand-wheel. For this, only an assembly part of the respective gearbox has to be replaced and the pneumatic device mounted.
The control can be optionally conducted over a hand lever on the pneumatic motor or a remote control valve.


24h Standby: +49 (0)172 - 279 95 64

If this 24 h emergency number is not available you can also reach us with one of the following telephone numbers: 

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