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MARX. Wir bauen den Fortschritt mit ein.

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Marx LLC

Since 2008 Marx GmbH & Co. KG cooperates with Lake Park Tool & Machine, LLC in order to combine the strengths of both companies in the supply of extrusion press controlled-temperature containers for the US market. This technology partnership is especially timely because of the current high level of interest in isothermal extrusion.

Marx pioneered Smart Containers with sectionally controlled heating and cooling in the 1980’s, and has been developing and refining its world-renowned technology since then. Lake Park, which was founded in 1950, has built or refurbished more than 10,000 containers.

The technology partnership will bring the best of both companies’ abilities together to provide extruders with unparalleled design and manufacturing. Marx will engineer the heating and control systems, build the electric heating elements and thermal sensors, and provide the needed hardware and software. Lake Park, will design the containers and provide a highly skilled manufacturing source to produce the containers, and a U.S. marketing focus for the Marx Smart Containers™.


1221 Velma Court
Youngstown, OH 44512
Tel.: +1 330 - 788 - 0864
Fax: +1 330 - 788 - 4946

Dave Cornelius:

Lake Park Tool & Machine, Inc. and Marx GmbH & Co. KG have joined forces to bring you the world´s leading controlled-temperature container technology.

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