The company Marx GmbH & Co. KG in Iserlohn has been involved in heating extrusion billet containers since the 1960s. The development began back then with tests on external heaters and internal induction heaters, which have now been largely replaced by modern resistance heaters.

The heaters have become increasingly intelligent over the years, which is why our heating design has been given the name "MARX Smart Containers". This name has established itself on the market and has been associated with high quality and durability since then.




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Smart Container TM


In addition to the development of improved steel qualities and the geometric design of containers, improved heating and cooling are essential tools for modern extrusion technology. The coordination of these service providers is critical to production and quality just as these components influence the life of the containers as press tools.

The modern billet container heaters can be heated in different areas thanks to an intelligent and differential value regulating control. Additionally, in many cases a sectional cooling is introduced into the billet containers, which is also regulated by the software control, with the aim of achieving a controlled and constant temperature behaviour, to support isothermal extrusion.

Tool heating systems

The temperature of the tool is often the decisive success factor for complicated press profiles. If the temperature is not correct here or changes during the pressing process, this affects the quality of the profile and often leads to rejects.
















The reason for a too low temperature is often the relatively cold die holder, which extracts the heat energy from the precisely preheated tool. To prevent heat flow, MARX has developed special tool holder heating systems that prevent the heat from flowing quickly from the die to the holder.

Tool stations & Preheating stations





In order to meet today‘s modern demands, special tool stations have been developed at MARX, to heat up the extrusion press tools to an optimal process temperature.




The container preheating stations are either fitted with independent heating systems, or can be operated via the resistance heating system integrated in the container. In this case, power is supplied automatically via a pneumatic contact unit. The heating process is precisely controlled via integrated controllers.





Service & maintenance

Customer service is of top priority for us. Fast response times and flexibility are vitally important these days. That‘s why we make it possible for you to contact us at any time on our 24h emergency number. With a total of three production and service sites in Germany, we can reach and support our customers all over Europe as quickly as possible.

Our assembly personnel also have years of experience, enabling them to provide solutions competently, reliably and quickly.