MARX has been active in the foundry industry for more than 60 years. Almost every furnace brand has been serviced, repaired, technically upgraded or newly built in our company. With this experience, we are able to offer holistic solutions for our customers - starting with engineering and new production, through modernization and retrofitting of induction systems to comprehensive service and customer service.

With our locations in Iserlohn, Hennigsdorf and Donauwörth, we are there for you - in an emergency 24 hours a day at our emergency number +49 (0) 172-2799564.



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Crucible induction furnaces

The requirements for modern crucible furnace systems, especially regarding power density, availability and operational safety, have increased significantly in recent years. Our decades of experience in the field of coil repair and modernization of crucible furnace systems are of great importance here.

The design, construction and implementation of the new production, modernization and repair of crucible furnace systems are carried out in close cooperation with the customer in order to develop optimal solutions for your applications.

New crucible furnace coils (use under vacuum or normal atmosphere) can be manufactured with a diameter of up to 2200mm. The MARX insulation technology including the saturating process offers the greatest possible protection for your coils.

Due to the high proportion of in-house production (coils, magnetic yokes, steel construction,...) we can react immediately in order to repair your systems as quickly as possible.

Channel induction furnaces

The channel furnace technology developed by MARX aims to make intensive use of the advantages of modern channel furnace systems, their special energy efficiency and the wide range of possible uses and applications.

In order to meet the high requirements of energy saving, maximum melting capacity and service life, the MARX channel inductors were developed with geometrically adapted channels. This type of technology enables a significant increase in service life while at the same time reducing energy consumption.

For example, channel inductors with an output of up to 2,400 kW for copper alloys and 1,500 kW for aluminum were developed and tested. The power supply can either be supplied conventionally or using IGBT converter technology.







Modernisation & conversion

What should a foundry do that is equipped with systems from the 1960s and 1970s and needs a foundry at the level of modern technology and efficient production processes in order to survive on the market? Whoever has the investment funds builds a new foundry. If you do not have them, or only have them in part, or if you have to set different priorities, you will have a look at your old systems and carry out a program for technological upgrading and increasing efficiency.




Old melting plants hold great potential for reusable plant parts and technologies that can be used. Current requirements for efficiency, energy saving, environmental friendliness and safety can also be met with existing systems in most applications.




The replacement of individual components such as the power section, control or cooling will bring your existing system up to the current state of the art and thus offer similar advantages to a new system. For example, by upgrading to the latest IGBT converter technology, almost maintenance-free operation of the power unit can be ensured.

Service & maintenance

Customer service is our top priority. Fast response times and flexibility are essential nowadays. We therefore offer you the opportunity to contact us at any time via our 24-hour emergency number!

With a total of three production and service locations in Germany, we are able to reach and support our customers throughout Europe as quickly as possible. Our assembly staff also has many years of experience and is thus able to provide solutions competently, reliably and quickly.