Our delivery program includes pouring, transport and treatment pans, the dimensions of which correspond to customer requirements. As a certified welding company according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2, we are able to offer our casting ladles from our own production, in accordance with the high requirements of the product standard DIN EN 1247. In addition, we have our specially designed "MX" gearbox series, which we also manufacture in-house.

NEWS: Our new battery drive is now available! After the introduction of our new battery drive technology in 2019, a lot of practical experience could be gained both on new and on retrofitted ladles. Find out more about the advantages here!



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Crane foundry ladles

MARX offers a range of services from a single source, starting with new construction, through the repair and overhaul of pouring ladles and gears, to pouring ladle inspections in accordance with UVV as well as training courses on occupational safety and testing of pouring ladles.

As your partner in security issues, we carry out the annual visual inspection for you. The main tests are carried out, depending on the customer's requirements, in our factory or directly on site by one of our specialists.









Treatment ladles

A treatment ladle is basically a crane pouring ladle, which usually has a mounting device for a crane or forklift. The difference to the usual ladle is essentially the vessel geometry and, if necessary, the choice of material. The vessel height in relation to the diameter has a size ratio of approximately 2:1. The diameter is smaller in order to keep the oxygen uptake of the melt via the bath surface as low as possible.

MARX standard ladles

MARX offers you a selection of standard ladles.There is a selection of a total of five different sizes, from 1t to 10t capacity. They are driven by our proven MX ladle gearboxes for smooth and safe handling of the ladles.


With the MARX standard ladles, we are able to offer pre-configured foundry ladles at especially reasonable prices.


The design we selected based on a modular design principle allows a reduction of the procurement costs while maintaining our high quality standards. Our production facilities within the MARX Group allow us to offer complete foundry ladle production from a single source. In this way we guarantee the highest quality through reliable processing for a long service life.









Ladles - special applications

Our ladles are manufactured individually according to customer requirements. Special solutions for special requirements are therefore part of our daily business. So that you can get an idea of these special designs, here are some examples of special pouring ladles:

Siphon ladles, stopper ladles, drum ladles, forklift ladles, ladles for automatic pouring devices, hand pouring ladles, ladles with lid device, ladles with exchangeable lifting device (C-hanger, prism holders, hooks, ...)

No matter what solution you are looking for, we will be happy to advise you. Contact us.









Gear and drive technology

Our MX series gearboxes are characterized by a particularly robust design. Certified by Germanischer Lloyd, they offer the highest level of security.

All gearboxes are equipped with a brake that acts automatically in both tilting directions and holds the ladle in any desired tilting angle, thus ensuring the necessary self-locking. When developing the specially assembled gearboxes, great value was placed on components from regional suppliers, such as for the cast parts or the machining work.

Various auxiliary drives are available for the MX gearbox.


The MARX DIM systems are specially designed for treating and inoculating gray cast iron. The treatment process is precisely adjusted to the individual melt treatments and can be called up fully automatically.


The treatment cabins can be fitted with special, designated treatment ladles and can also be adapted to the customer‘s existing ladles.


The ladles are positioned in the cabin with a carriage car or directly with the forklift. Depending on the selection, the cabin is closed either with the carriage car or, alternatively, with a bulkhead. To ensure complete exhaust of emissions, they are extracted from both the ladle cover and the cabin.

Service and maintenance

Customer service is of top priority for us. Fast response times and flexibility are vitally important these days. That‘s why we make it possible for you to contact us at any time on our 24h emergency number. With a total of three production and service sites in Germany, we can reach and support our customers all over Europe as quickly as possible.

Our assembly personnel also have years of experience, enabling them to provide solutions competently, reliably and quickly.